Everybody knows this taboo: never look at the mirror at certain time of the day at certain day of the year and say “Bloody Mary” three times. Well, some people even say just once can set a certain tragedy to happen.

But not everyone listens to a good advice.

Everybody knows tuna is big. It’s a heavy haul to nail them out of the ocean; and no pan nor wok nor pot will fit that size of a fish. Well, some people said the meat’s taste so great it’s worth the trouble.

But not everyone listen to a good advice.

Everybody knows cats like tuna. Mobsters at The Whiskers’ Syndicate would claw each other to get a piece more than they are allowed to. Well, some people said fish is bad for cats because of the possible mercury contamination

And the price. People told me buy it just once can set a certain tragedy to happen.

But not everyone listen to a good advice.

I am not everyone, I guess, so I lined up on a certain fish seller, one of only two in the market nearby who sell fresh tuna. I always choose the chubbiest, longest, healthiest tuna and make people next in line grumpy because it will take so long to clean it out, cut it up to fit my 24 inches pot, and when the seller is done with my share, he himself will turn grumpy because his waste bucket will be full.

So he pick it up, haul it to his shoulder and dump it to the sewer behind him.

Don’t give me that look. I told you Bandung is two centuries behind everything.

And not everyone listen to a good advice.

I heard a hack sound when all those guts and skulls hit the sewer, but I thought it was just me; besides, the view is gross and the smell is unbearable.

But then I heard another hack and a sort of a muffled sneeze.

And the skulls are moving; as if the tuna came back to life.

The other buyers were intrigued by my horrified face looking at the moving fish skull and some women started to scream when a bloody creature with hair made of fish intestine crawl out from the sewer like that girl in Hollywood’s “The Ring” and scramble its way toward us.

Some customers ran away in terror

That was when I lost it. I looked at the terrified fish seller and said “Bloody Creep! You dump the whole bucket of filth on a kitten?”

It snapped the seller out of his horror. “Huh? What? Kitten?” and he look again, and deliver his defense “I didn’t see that kitten in there. How should I know. Why would a kitten be in the sewer?”

I was helpless thinking that I will have to throw away yet another shirt picking up that blood dripping, intestine draped wee little hacking thing. It doesn’t even look halfway like a kitten.

The wife of the fish seller read my mind (or my look) and pulled some plastic bag and give it to me. “Use this, if you are going to pick it up. Yuck.”

It cost me gallons of water, whole bottle of shampoo, a liter of tomato juice and half a pound of lemon to get rid of her halloween eau de parfum.

And her name is Bloody Mary.

Not everyone listens to a good advice.

~ Josie

Despite her look, Bloody Mary is a sweet kitty. She is always ready for a many headbutts and plenty of purrs and she runs like wind across the valley when she zwoosh from one end of the cattery to the other for extra tuna; or whenever the door is opened. Once she almost fell off 3 feet down onto solid concrete when she zipped out of the front door and forgot to pull the brake.

She never listens to a good advice.

#HappyCaturday , the first in 2016

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