At Expense of Kindness

Though I read gazillion books and article about law, lawyers, court proceedings et cetera, but I never put it into a deep thought. The length of the process, the feelings of everyone involved, the emotional swing of the defendant or the other party, or the flow of the situation that is as predictable as wind. I can only wonder how does it feel when the cause I truly believe in was challenged, and especially when it is ultimately defeated despite your best effort.

Now I know.

As my second star wars with PayPal commenced, I had used Etsy App to switch my Etsy shop to vacation mode, so that no one will send money through my currently frozen PayPal account, but for some reason, the app didn’t do anything, and the next thing that happened was PayPal sending me email that I received a payment for some order and that I should open a new account.

I naively thought that it might be a chance for me to appeal and show them that I am an honest small business (and charity), so I complied. Besides, what else can I do? I cannot cancel the order on Etsy and tell my buyer – a stranger – the story about me and PayPal. They may freak out and I lost my credibility.

So, in the name of professionalism, I do the job anyway, although I am not sure when the money will be released because PayPal gave me a condition that I must first complete five transactions, receive USD 100 in goods and services, as well as wait for 60 days.


And then, again, they are asking me to provide evidence for my legal existence, so I duly complied by sending a scan of my ID card.

After that, they are asking me to provide evidence that I truly own the bank account I registered with PayPal, and I send them the scan of the front of my savings account book, showing my name, the account number, and my address; exactly the same with my ID.

Then they ask for utility bill or insurance policy to further prove my “legitimate” address, and I comply.

The only thing they ask and I cannot comply is verification by credit card and credit card statement. I don’t have credit card, and applying for one takes time. I can use Virtual Credit Card, but they won’t produce credit card statement, so I am stuck.

Taking advice from Mumble The Penguin, I “appealed to their good side” I told them that currently I do not hold a credit card, that I am working on it, and that I ask for their understanding that the process takes time.

They told me that my appeal is “In Process” left me alone for few days (Hallelujah!) and today they send me this:


Since PayPal has been my only means of sending and receiving funds; that email means:

  1. I can no longer take any donation by PayPal.
  2. I can no longer raise money by selling on Etsy (at least until I get a credit card, who knows when).
  3. People can no longer hire their favorite mobsters and give them a better life they deserve.
  4. You can no longer support a cause you hold so dear in your heart.

And you know what? even when they close my account (and limited the old one) they will not allow me to refund incoming donations or close the account and instead still accept incoming money; so if one day someone forgot and just click donate to our old donation links, PayPal can claim it.

At the bottom line, PayPal’s verdict means death sentence, or life sentence; suppose to be. They are cutting our vein and leave us to bleed to death because they deemed us a hazard to society and network so we deserve to die.

80 innocent souls and hundreds more is an organized, hazardous existence that needed to be wiped out of this world, who knows why.

And to think they never actually seen us, or ever will to pass their divine judgement.

But then, I did said “suppose to be”.

I won’t allow them to kill us. They idiotically tries relentlessly to cut me off their links and they succeeded now, but I will not let them severe the close knit relationship we have. I will not let them kill the mobsters of The Whiskers’ Syndicate and many more who lean the only hope in their lives on your generosity and loving hand.

I will not allow them to glorify their rigid and ridiculous way of persuading people, at the expense of kindness, generosity, love, that had connected us together and give better meanings to our lives.

I will not allow them to determine how we live. We will; you and I.

When I purchase the new website platform, it came with a Stripe payment processor, something like PayPal, but with (said) better technology and smoother experience. The website also came with 20 products to display and sold that connected with Stripe.

I intend to use that, though I am going to need a help setting up an account with Stripe because it is only available in US and UK. That will also mean transferring money to me periodically.

After which, I will continue to peruse other alternative to PayPal.

My biggest loss? colleagues and sponsors. Walking out from Etsy, it means I am pretty much on my own, trying to sell my stuffs, and worse of things: EFA.

EFA has been my third home after the website. I cried and laugh and grow with each and everyone of its member, and especially the greatness of all friendship with Nicole. They are not just “sponsors”, they are friends, sisters, mothers, family. Losing them is almost unbearable if not for the distant hope that I will eventually earn my credit card. or find my way to sell on Etsy again.

Still, I believe in kindness, and generosity, and love, and togetherness.

I believe that the collectivity with which we have been supporting these cats will keep getting stronger as it age; because wherever there is will, there is way.

~ Josie

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