Financial Report May 2014 and Budget June 2014



Hola! look at our financial report in May! It’s so colourful especially in the food part. In May we have a major allergies after the first 2 bags of Pro Plan, so we have to change the food. The first and best that I found (and is willing to deliver) is Acana so I chose that brand; but then the price is rather obscene (for me, at least). Not that I don’t want to give the best for the Syndicate, but because we are entering summer season, when donations are the least throughout the year.

While using Acana, I looked up other available brand, and Taste of The Wild is the closest in grade to Acana that I can get (and want to deliver). It’s grain free, no by products, and holistic. It is still a lot more expensive than Pro Plan, but I cannot find anything with the same protein level (min 40%) so like it or not I have to upgrade. So far, cats are OK with it, though the smell is not as strong as Acana (Acana uses salmon, Taste Of The Wild uses chicken)

With great thankfulness for your support for the extra fund raiser, we are closing the month with 2 Dollars surplus. The first in history!

And then, the budget for June is on minus USD 117, the smallest minus in history as well. I deliberately cut everything (compared to previous months) for two reasons: First is because I am using top-of-the-line cat food brand, so hopefully the logic is that I need less vitamin and medicine because the cats’ immune is better. Second is because June is in summer season. During our life from 2008 – 2013, summer always means severe drought in term of donation; we have never reach our target before and honestly, I am not sure I can pile up as many jobs as I used to 5 years ago to fill the gap if I make it too large. I still hope that like May, the first in history we will be able to reach the target and that some of the budgeted post will not take as much.

Two of our regular monthly sponsors recently cancelled their subscription, so we are, for a moment, down to USD 160 in monthly sponsorship, but God is merciful upon us and bring us a new supporter who sponsors 4 cats and bring the amount back at USD 200. Halelujah!

May God keep us in such luck too this month. Pray for us, and please share our posts! you can choose a lot of social media at the bottom of this post, that will only take you one click. The more you share, the more people know about us, the more sponsor we likely to get. And if we get more donor, it means the burden is less.

Happy June, then, everyone. Wishing you the best of luck this month, and if you do, please don’t forget us.


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