April 2014 Financial Report And May 2014 Budget



Howdy everyone!

Though the report is late (please forgive me), I still want to share our cash drawer so you know what I do with your contributions. Every single penny goes to the cat mob.

As in the sayings, we enjoyed April shower last month. Not only we have Recycle 4 Rescues charity auction to benefit The Whiskers’ Syndicate, we also had the honour from EFA Captain Nicole Planchon and her shop Brizel Handcraft to sponsor our Easter Raffle (see income from charity auction and easter raffle in April financial report); so although our monthly fund raiser didn’t quite reach the target (only USD 865 out of USD 900), the extra income saved us and we are “only” minus USD 66. That’s 726,000 Indonesian Rupiah. Three quarter million folks!

Even so, I am still very grateful that everyone is willing to participate in our raffle. It’s been fun, and – believe it or not – it is the first time I ever made a live video, so all the more reason to celebrate!

In May, however, it is going to be a hard work for me. We have a wonderful new sponsor:

Raeosunshine Pets

, by Rachel Foland including us in her

May give away

. The grand prize is a personalised pencil colour pet photograph.


and additional two plush terry cloth quacky ducks:


This wonderful event drag our Pitch In relatively fast, though unfortunately, it will not bring extra income, kicking us plunging down to minus USD 332 (see May 2014 budget).

But seriously, Josie, if the minus is so much, why don’t you just raise your Pitch In goal?

That’s the easiest way, of course, and the most reasonable, but speaking from experience in the past 3 months, it is already so very difficult to raise USD 900 every month. We are dragging and begging all the time, so to be honest, although I still believe that our friends will not forsake us, I don’t have the confidence to update the Pitch In goal in fear that all of you will be intimidated by the additional digit.


Etsy shop

didn’t do very well either, with only 2 sales in April, 1 sale in March an zero sales in February.

Hence, I have to go back to work double shift again starting this month. I am leaving the cats alone 16 hours a day, 3 days a week, while the other 3 days will be a normal 8 hours.

It’s not without challenge. Though our sanctuary is no longer under the threat of drowning, we still have a dozen of kittens who are only 7 weeks old, and a few seniors and special need cats who needs attention. In this last month of monsoon before dry season officially start mid May means a lot of wind, and a lot of URI (Upper Respiratory tract Infection). This is the first monsoon for our hammock kitties; a bunch of kittens we picked from the street during the renovation so doubtless they will take turn to get sick.


There’s no exact cure for URI, and even if cats are vaccinated, they can still get sick. However, close observation and quick action is the most important key to recovery and while working


full time, I won’t be able to watch them even when they are sick.

And then, there’s always this note below my report or budget that utilities and other expenditures are my responsibility. Those are:

  • USD 350 Mortgage
  • USD 25 Electricity bill
  • USD 25 Water bill
  • USD 10 other expenditures (garbage disposal, security service (for the whole block), and community reserve.

I guess by now you understand why I

(have to)

work like crazy.

It might sound fatalistic, but if you ask me, Que Sera Sera. I have done my best in my power, and what is left for me is to hope that someone will have our back.


“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” ~1 Peter 5:7

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