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Until very recently, I never knew that big shelters in USA, Britain, or other sovereign countries are paid large sum of money the way a corporation do. I only knew they have a brilliant copywriter who can tug at any heart string – even those made of rock – when asking for donation.

A post from a dear friend of mine, Christine Stewart, who follows the crash, burn and bruises of The Whiskers’ Syndicate since the early days, sent me into google and the search result pretty much made me grin.


In my naivety, while relying to the uncertain existence of donation from generous individuals, I try to get myself a job to pay my own food, the mortgage, and the bills. Why not? This is my house. The Whiskers’ Syndicate mobsters lived here, of course, but it is still my house. From one freelance job to another, I tried to save as much as I can so when the donation run dry and one of the cats are sick, I still have money to care for them and pay for the vet. In our little place on this planet, there’s no credit. No pay, no service, even if you know the vet personally.

I am not jealous though, at least I try not to. Those CEOs has better luck. They are born in a well off country that has better knowledge, technology, and civilization. And they landed on cotton candy. But as much as the God I believe in give them all the fancy things that I can only dream of having for the cats, I believe that He too will provide, in His own term. It might not be a free car, free house, or the license to play God and kill “overpopulated animals”, but in better shape:

He blesses me with friends who are willing to scroll their sleeve and get dirty; He blesses me with supporters – who come and go – but always there to pull together when we brushed death. He blesses me with allies who – although not rich enough to give me millions – are creative and passionate to produce myriad of fund raising events. And the most important thing, God blesses me with the opportunity to use all these riches in the way that no one ever before dare to go.

So where will this journey take us? No one can see tomorrow; but maybe it’s better; because that would mean we can draw whatever scene we want to go through, because that would mean we can go at our own pace, and most importantly, it means we can choose the best companions to accompany us along the way. I hope you choose us though, because we’re happy to choose you.

~ Josie


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