Oh Little Town of Mayhem

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Had I come home ten minutes later that evening, there would be no story to share today.

I was out running errands shipping out some Etsy orders and it was already chaotic when I got home. The feline ‘refugees’ were on top of anything and everything high and those who had not managed this feat called frantically, demanding me to open the front door right away. When I did, there was a strong current of panicked cats rushing inside the house, like a tsunami, and with them came along much mud and dirt.

looking for high place

Running away from chasing water

Even when we started The Whiskers Syndicate, our property was ‘primitive’. What we call a ‘cattery’ is simply a part of the backyard that has roof, and the rest of it is green grass.


Can you count how many cats are in the photo?

This is how the backyard looked like when we first moved in…

from the other side

under the sun

Nothing fancy, but better than bracing the cold winds of the highlands on a merciless city street without proper food or shelter !

After our typhoon inspired rain storm… the backyard had turned into a mess…

day after flood

puddle on corroded soil

The bamboos all bent over from harsh wind

and blocked the path:


And we can only look while hoping the sky won’t fall upon us.

gazing at the flood while wet

checking out

Due to roof damages, in the days that followed… even with the slightest rain we experienced multiple water leaks and sometimes it felt like we had no roof at all.

wet inside out

Under such condition plenty of cats, especially small kittens, became sick and needed intensive vet care and it became a dilemma. Its impossible to be in two places at the same time… when I am at the vet downtown, I am worried about rain flooding the cattery and when I am home, I feel guilty because some of the cats should be going to the vet. We do not have vehicle so all this takes much time.

Restoration is imminent. With my experiences in the past year and the support of generous supporters who donate or send medications and supplies… everyone has pulled through and we intend to do whatever we can to get through these trials.

Peta is one of our world famous cats. He voluntarily share his fatherly love to every kitten that comes into the sanctuary. He lost his favourite tree but is still taking time to comfort others…

eroded playground









peta Peta and his favourite palm tree  

peta - its going to be ok

Comforting Twinkle Magic, who got wet because he’s too small to climb washing machine   

And life goes on, regardless..

life goes on

enjoying first breakfast after the flood receded

whiskers av

Whiskers’ Syndicate is a private sanctuary, we are the first, and only one operating in this breeder capital of Indonesia, a country without animal welfare, where even vets are backyard breeders.

Team EFA is partnering up with friends of Whiskers’ Syndicate to help fundraise $5500, the estimated cost to repair damages from this typhoon inspired rain storm. Won’t you lend your hand to help our cats get their home repaired ?


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