Rain Drops Keep Falling On Our Heads

Long time no see, folks!

Glad to see you again, literally.

I don’t know how long the mobile broadband is going to last, so I’d better make it quick. I wish it will entice you to read and share instead of just pressing “like” and go away. We can’t live without your love and I am going to tell you why.

We are very, very lucky that Typhoon Haiyan missed Indonesia; however, it brought about 5 days of constant rain (yes it’s 5 x 24 hours of rain) and our sanctuary is flooded. Ironic, that we are in a hill, but we’re flooded.

Today is the second day that the sun is shining, but we’re covered in mud from top to toe, literally. The Whiskers’ Syndicate and I are covered in mud, literally from head to toe. We can’t go anywhere without skating on the slurry floor and get ourselves dirty, especially when we fell down (happened all the time). We got dirty food, murky water, broken stove, and a washing machine that needs washing. My laptop sits quietly on top of the kitchen cabinet, along with my printer and camera, but all of my Whiskers’ Syndicate’s fliers, post cards, business cards are gone. I have to go to nearby convenient store to charge my cell phone, though the mobile broadband is practically gone (hence I can’t get on line). At least I can still use my phone to call someone if emergency arise.

None the less, we are grateful that we all go through it in one piece. The sick kittens are improving, and it’s my greatest joy to watch them walking slowly into the sun to get some real warmth (instead of emergency lamp). The cleaning job will absolutely drain me out, but I know I will endure because I have the whole world of supporters praying and sending thoughts.

Renovation to the sanctuary is imminent. Without proper drainage, I am not sure how we will survive if the real rainy season arrive (around Christmas) without snorkeling around the house. I will try to gather information on the prices of materials and all, but according to a consultant that I called, it will be near USD 5,000, more or less.

There will be a special fundraiser to donate to once I got the budget ready, and also an online auction to help us renovate our home. If you wish to participate in the fundraiser, please come back in a few days. If you can’t send cash but would like to donate one or two items for the online auction, please send me a message.

If you want to help now? You can. You can click “Pitch In”  on that blue box to the right and help us with our under-funded operating budget and jump back in later, or we have a shop: Whiscraft that sells handmade gifts for pets and pets lovers. You can see if some of our items are worthy for your Christmas shopping, and to begin with, there’s Mollie Morrissette, who runs a fabulous blog about poison in pet food and how to avoid it. She recently wrote about us to say that our products are SAVE.

Go give a look:

Animal charity pick: Handmade non-toxic pet toys by Etsy for Animals


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