Baron Oscar Sebastian Grayson Cooper

a.k.a Handsome Teddy Bear Boy.

That’s what our new rescue will be called if we lined up all the finalists.

Let’s see all the entries again:

1. Teddy

2. Bear

3. Teddy Bear + 5 votes

4. Menanggung

5. Baron +4 votes

6. Cooper +4 votes

7. Dante

8. Oscar + 7 votes

9. Caesar

10. Sebastian +15 votes

11. Handsome Boy +6 votes

12. Grayson + 2 votes

According to the tally here is the position:

1. Sebastian (15)

2. Oscar (7)

3. Handsome Boy (6)

4. Teddy Bear (5)

6. Baron and Cooper (4)

7. Grayson (2)

8. Teddy, Bear, Menanggung, Dante, Caesar on the last places.

Until late Sept 23, 2013, it seems like the fate of Sebastian has been sealed. The name burst out of a sudden like a shooting star, until suddenly, near midnight, our email indicated last entry for the contest. Cooper catches up with 7 more votes.

It’s such a sprint, though still not enough to zoom pass through Sebastian; but it seems like the voter realize that too, because five minutes later this fervent supporter added 13 more votes to Cooper, totalling 20 more votes for the name that represent the coppery colour of our rescue’s captivating eyes.

So the last result is:

1. Cooper 24 votes

2. Sebastian 15 votes

3. Oscar 7 votes

4. Handsome Boy 6 votes

6. Teddy Bear 5 votes

7. Baron 4 votes

7. Grayson 2 votes

8. Teddy, Bear, Menanggung, Dante, Caesar on the last places.

We thank you for all the contestants. In our utmost honestly, we have never dreamed that our event will  be so merry with numerous entries because we can only offer a humble handbag and pouch.

We also thank our benefactress Lori Skaggs, who, taking the opportunity of the game, is fanning the fire by challenging every contestant to vote like crazy because each vote and, or entry will be matched. This coinciding challenge literally brought the game to a new height, in which everyone can have fun, win prizes, do good, and double the impact.

However, the ultimate joy in our hearts does not come from the festivities of the game. It comes from knowing that although we are ridiculed, abused, neglected on the streets of our own homeland, we have fellow cats and their people rooting on us, cheering us along the way, and share the joys and sorrows of our Quest to Canaan together. It gives us strength, and warmth, and power to put one more paw in front of the other, with hope that maybe, we will be liberated on the next step.

Thank you again, your participation means more than just donation. It means more than a heart beat.

Now, when we are all heating up for a new name, what does the subject do?

cooper on back

Congratulations to Trish Geidel from Australia for winning through her entry “Cooper” and Thank You for loving “Cooper” truly, madly, deeply. Since Google and Blogger kick us out, we will be sending your gifts on the first week of October.

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