Sequential Thriller

In the movie, a thriller takes only a few minutes, but the impression can last for some times.

I hope this post is going to be the same. It is just a short note, but I hope it reached out to your heart to help our latest rescue.

Aside from running a sanctuary, I have been trying to TNR the neighbourhood strays and feral as much as I can. One of them is a grey tabby with a white belly female who seems to be friendly, compared to other street cats who will jump and run away on sight of human. The other reason we’re keeping an eye on her is because she seems to be pregnant.

The good news is, I am finally able to get her into the carrier and brought her home last month.

cafe mama basket

I was planning to have her deliver her babies at home, so her babies will have chance to be adopted; and since she is docile and sweet, I have high hope that her too will have the chance to be adopted, no matter how long it will take.

Unfortunately, she didn’t show any sign of giving birth even after a month and a half, so I am getting worried.

This morning, I saw blood in her rear and when I checked on her belly, it’s so tight and swollen, that I thought it can burst out any moment.

cafe mama tummy

And then, later this afternoon, I got a surprise visitor.

Bobtail was rescued last year, and when I moved to the new house, a neighbour saw him sitting on the window sill and ended up adopting him. So I neuter him and sent him to his new home a few hundred meters downhill.

This afternoon, I saw him sitting right in front of the front door, filthy, full of mange, and practically skin and bone.

I let him in and gave him food, and while Bobtail practically swallow everything, I went down to the neighbour’s house, but no one’s answering. I know she is home because I saw her motorcycle, but the door’s not opening.

Bobtail, before he was adopted
Bobtail this afternoon

I don’t know whether bobtail go home by himself (he knows the way to my house) or his new owner just dump him in front of the house, but I need to bring the two of them to see the vet tomorrow.

The mama cat will need an ultrasound, and if she does carry dead foetus in her (what I am afraid of), she will need an immediate surgery.

Bobtail’s paw has a lot of ulcers, possibly because of stepping on some chemical for a long time. He got ear mite, and I am almost sure he got parasite (e.g. worm or bacteria, or both).

The bad news is, my fund raising is not going well. As August creeping to the end, we are only able to raise USD 160 out of USD 700 that we need for our monthly operation. The sales in our Etsy store is not great either, so I have been going to some side job to make it through this month.

We need approximately USD 200 for these two babies. So, I hope someone can help, no matter just a penny.

I know everyone is on tight money and there’s not much hope left for us, but I can’t just give up and watch them suffer.

Help me help them. You can click below, share their story with friends, or both. Anything goes.

Whatever you decide to do, THANK YOU.

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