Pick A Boo: Can I see you?

as originally appeared on our Care2 messaging system

Fellow rescuers and animal advocates,

You’d probably called ‘Boo!’ only on Halloween to chase away some spirit.

But this one is boo-ed from his right to live by a negligent owner.

I met Boo just a few weeks ago. I don’t know why he was given such an ill name, but I am determined to get your help to save him, and change his ill fated name into a well-fitted one. For the sake of better life.

You see, my past few weeks were spent between office and the vet clinic nearby. Some of my refugees underwent spay/neuter surgery last January, and two of them: Sports and Peta, develop a severe infection around their genitalia so they have to have a surgery for the second time. It’s just a malpractice, and it’s usual here in Indonesia, no big deal, you can’t do anything anyway (yeah right).

While Sports and Peta has to stay over a few nights before and after the surgery, I come and visit them everyday after office just to cheer them up, especially because both of them are still afraid of other humans. I usually pick them up from their cage, cradle them in my arm and told them that they are going to be all right, and that they are going to go home soon. Sometimes we just cuddle eadh other and pray to God that the surgery went well and everything would go uphill for them.

Then I notice that every time I put them back in their cage, the cat next to them cried out loud and desperately trying to get his turn of cradling.

From the tag on the cage, I learned that his name is Boo. He was taken to the clinic in December 2010. The owner then told the vet that he was blood vomiting, and that he was told by another vet that Boo contracted deadly disease. The worker in the clinic said that the owner gave USD 25, and left with a promise to pick him up in a few days.

But he never returns.

Both the vets and the workers of the clinics tried to call him, with a good news that what appeared to be a blood vomit is a small small ulcer at the back of his tongue, and it had healed by itself by the second day. Also to say that Boo is perfectly healthy, but no one picked up the phone, nor answered the text sent through the owner’s cellphone.

Since then, Boo has been the ghost of the clinic.

“He is like that”, said the clinic worker, the one who deliver the food for the animals. “Whenever someone walk in, he would cry and ask to get out”.

Boo, May 7, 2011

“When we give him food he’d pat on our hand, asking to be craddled”, the worker continues, “And when we walked away, he’d cry long enough before slumping at the corner of his cage, as if he was about to be left to die”.

Boo, May 9, 2011


Well, it seems like the owner intended him to be that way.

Since then, I’d stop by longer at the clinic, and make time to say hello, and Boo will stuck out his paw and greet me. When I open his cage he’d be jumping right onto my chest, and when I put him back to go back to the office, or home, he’d cry long enough before slumping at the corner of his cage. As if he was about to be left to die.

Boo, May 11, 2011

Well, it seems like the vet intended to put him to sleep if no one claim him and pay his fee. Why feed and maintain something that no one wanted?

I took a peek on the vet bills for his medication and boarding. Aside from the USD 25 the owner left, Boo need USD 250 for all the meal and daily necessities during his ghostly presence in the clinic for a half of a year.

Then I wondered, can I raise that much money to bail him out? Would there be someone out there care enough to answer Boo’s desperate cry? Or would Boo just live a half year of useless life and die like nothing?

Please help, whenever you can. I talked to the vet to wait another week, because I am going to bet on the generosity of my kindred friends, and the mercy of other animal advocates.

My paypal address is: whiskerssyndicate@gmail.com. I do not set up other chipin because I have limited internet quota, so if you would like to help spare Boo’s life, please send your gift to whiskerssyndicate@gmail.com and send a note along with it “For Boo”

Then share Boo’s story. Share his desperate cry in his lonely cage in facebook, in emails, in other forums. Reply to his reach out. Let your kind presence echoes his plea.


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