Meow! Purr! Welcome to our den!

Between my various side jobs and when the mobster cats are sleeping, I am crafting items for the Whiskers' Syndicate, but eventually persuaded to offer it to wider audience. Then born "Whiscraft" to share the magical experience of loving your pet, and yourself. Visit our original shop HERE. Alternately you can also browse and shop conveniently through our showcase below.

All of the merchandise shown here is handmade from unsold or excess product from textile mills or unused portions from garment manufacturers. We use our Whiscraft to enchant those scrap and give them new purpose, meaning no two pieces are ever alike. Yours is the only one in the world.  The heart of our business is to make cute lifestyle that you can afford and love while sending 100% of our proceed to support our operation as the first and so far, the only cat sanctuary in Bandung, Indonesia.

I wish you like our genuine artwork, or better yet, touched by the hope it carries for a better life for Indonesian animals.

Every purchase you make through our storefront  goes a long way and blesses many unfortunate strays on the streets of Indonesia.

Josie T Liem