I was working up late and almost forgot that I need to buy litter sand. It was too late to order by phone, so I went to the nearest shop that is still open.

The building is some sort of a mall for building materials and interior things, actually. For this reason Ace Hardware opens there and they also sell litter sand.

I passed through a cluster of outdoor cafes in that mall and saw a pregnant cat begging for food from table to table but was kicked around. Without thinking, I change direction, pick the cat, carry her aside and give her some cat food. Then I am back on my original course.

After I finished my shopping, I passed by the same place to see if the cat is ok. She is back from table to table and again being kicked around.

I emptied my bag into the Ace shopping bag, hide my items behind a garbage can, picked the cat again, and ask her if she wants to go inside my bag so I can carry her home.

I went home with 5 bags of 7.8 liter of litter sand and a pregnant cat on my shoulder.

She gave birth to 4 kittens. One tuxedo, One silver and black tabby, one yellow tabby, and one tortie.

Her kids were all right and she is a caring mother, but I noticed that although it's supposed to be the time they learn to eat, none of them can walk properly. Then one by one, they died. Starting with the yellow tabby, and then the tuxedo, and then the silver and black tabby, and the last one is Little Tortie who just passed a few days ago.

I noticed although her belly is big, her milk dried out, so I asked the vet if it is all right to spay her, and the vet agreed.

She is a silver, black and red torbie; a rare color in Indonesia, so I named her Silvervine.

Silvervine (the original name in Japanese is Matatabi, pronounced ma-tah-tah-bee) is a tree native to Japan that's already rare. It attracts cat. It has pale trunk and silverish branches and leaves similar to a vine. All part of the tree attracted cat and the effect of its scent is stronger than catnip.

It is very common to see a large group of cat (often the cat of entire neighborhood) hanging around a Matatabi tree, getting drunk. They will rub against its's trunk and other even climb it to have some privacy while getting high.