Siegfried and Brunhilde

Last year on my way home from the market, I saw a small kitten trying to climb a stall with a squid peeking from its corner. While I found it interesting and was watching with a smile on my face, a woman who was walking right in front of me saw that too and she yelled "Hey" and swing her heavy shopping bag onto the kitten, using the bag as a club. The kitten flew through the air. I drop my own shopping bag, and catch him. The woman looks utterly disappointed that someone spoiled her "heroic act" but she immediately run away when I put on my "thug face" and walk toward her. Good for her. (That was an act, actually :P)

A few steps away, that little kitten who was resting so comfortable on my arm, suddenly squirmed and tried to run away after he looked on some direction. I tried to find out what scared him, and to my horror, watched an ignorant young man climbed onto his car and (inadvertently) dragged another yellow tabby who was sitting under the car.

I tried to chase the car while calling the driver, but before I can do anything, by grace of God, fell from the car, though injured.

The little one who tried to "steal" a squid is male and he lost one of his eye, and the one dragged by the car is female. Both yellow tabby. I took both of them home and named them after two main characters from an Old Norse mythology "Nibelungen/Niflungr/Nibelungenlied" about a german warrior Siegfried and Icelandic Queen/Valkyrie: Brunhilde/Brunhilda/Brynhyldr.

This myth is also an inspiration for Nebelung; a rare cat breed.