I need an inhaler, and I need it fast.
I caught running nose from someone in the community garden last week and it lingers. Then the runny nose turned into sticky mucus and I can't breathe, and I lost my inhaler (turned out it's in my pocket and I washed it. Smart).

It's excruciating. I can't sleep, I can't work, I can't even walk long enough without catching a deep breath and I can't think of one damned thing to post over blog or facebook.

I put my broom down and go out to get a new inhaler before I grab some knife and pry my nose open.

An ojek stuck his (index) finger out and I tag him. I told him about the pharmacy downhill and what I need like a blow fish out of air and we took off.

He cut the road go through a tiny alley just enough for two person walking tightly side by side, and half of that tiny alley were covered with newly cut trees and heaps of leaves. Smart.

My ojek driver grumbles. I know it will be swearing if he didn't have me riding on the back.

But some people (e.g. who cut some tree haphazardly and pile rubbish up in the middle of the way) are just plain idiot.

Midway in our attempt to squeeze through the pile, I told the driver to stop.

Driver asked, but I did not answer. I jumped down the motorcycle, into the pile of trash, almost tumble on some wayward trunk, and pick up a teeny weeny baby kitty sitting on a mango leaf just a few inches away from the tire.

This time, driver swore openly.

"People should throw the cat to the market! #@%*&$^%!!!"

My nose was too annoying and I want to save my breath so I just put the kitten into my bag and we moved on.

With inhaler at hand and some air in my lung, my brain cleared.

It's 4 pm and haven't eat since the morning, and so is the baby, who was hugging my purse and all the money. Smart kitty (it's not sarcasm).

DSC_0049 (4).JPG

It's obvious we both need something warm, and a low mein stall in a small food court half an hour down the way with local transport popped into mind. Smart.

Unlike Starbucks, where people mind their own business, a food court in Bandung is where people mind each other business. I placed my order and sit in a corner behind a big pillar so people can't see I book a table for two.

I managed to steal some (of my own) money from the purse while the kitten is asleep, and put it in my pocket. Smart.

But then the Low Mein came with tasty smell and baby perked up.

I took some of the slimy broth and blow air to cool it off before offering it up to the baby; asking it to quiet down.

Baby lick it off, it quieted down.


A few tablespoon and he's back asleep. This time, with full tummy and warm body.

I looked at the low mein.

All the week I have been trying to blow slimy sticky mucus away from my nose and now I am eating some.

But I am hungry; and I am cold.

When I am back home, baby jumped out of my bag and I put him down with Chu, Kyu, Myu-sketeers.

The now healthy threesome sniffs on their new friend, and guide them to the whiskas pillow they called bed.

New baby cuddled up and sleep again. Smart.

Meanwhile, I throw the whole bag including the purse and the money into the washer. It stinks so bad I don't need inhaler.

At night when everyone is asleep, I iron all the bank notes to dry. Then no one will complain that (my) money stinks.


~ Josie

That's Chu looking at the camera. The new baby is the smallest one with white and yellow markings

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